Graduate / Junior Software Engineer

We're looking for a graduate/junior developer with a passion for technology to join our team in Brisbane.

Based in Brisbane
1-2 ideal

Years minimum experience

Front End and .Net skills

You will work on interesting projects with a highly capable product dev team - in an environment where mentoring and professional development is a major priority.

Our tech stack looks like...

  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • Microsoft Visual Studio and VSCode
  • Aurelia
  • HTML 5, CSS (& LESS)
  • Typescript and Javascript
  • Our own internally developed framework

We'd also like if you're across...

  • Agile tools
  • Azure DevOps skills
  • Azure cloud services
  • Test Automation, TDD, Patterns, IoC
  • Data Access, ORM's, Entity Framework etc.

We value people who work well in small teams, are detail oriented, and take pride in what they build. We also feel strongly about clean, maintainable code and good software design - we hope you do too.